With Windows Subsystem for Linux I'm now happy to have a very similar cli experience on both Windows and Mac. This is how I've configured zsh on Windows.

Customers often ask about best practices and blueprints on how to build solutions for the cloud (on Microsoft Azure in particular). These days things evolve at a pace never seen before why developing reference architectures may be a very costly thing - once it’s done it may be obsolete if it’s produced with too much detail and too low level of abstraction.

One of my apps, Driver’s Log, is now celebrating three years in the Windows Phone Store. The app has a loyal user base and by continuing adding features and supporting new devices I surly hope that you’ll continue to enjoy it for at least another three years.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to contribute content to a book on Scrum with Visual Studio

The Continuous Delivery wave seems to be what people are trying to surf these days. I’m a bit worried though when I see posts and articles, especially from the Microsoft Community, where people claim they do Continuous Delivery when in fact the only thing they achieved is an automated deployment triggered by a check-in.