What can I say. Time flies.

6 years ago I recieved my first Windows Phone device and immediataly started to build apps for it. Driver’s Log was my first real app which was released through the Store and was introduced in a blog post in March 2011.

As part of writing the app I also wrote some libraries to enable test automation and data persistence, which was lacking at the time.

3 years ago Driver’s Log celebrated 3 years in the store and I made the app free, hoping for it to live for at least another 3 years.

I surly hope that you’ll continue to enjoy it for at least another three years

The app has not been updated since then and some month ago I recieved an email from the Store team telling me it would be removed from the Store if I didn’t provide a proper age rating.

I didn’t provide a proper age rating.

I’m now providing the source of the app to all who might be interested to build it and run it and by that also give the app eternal life.

Clone Driver’s Log on GitHub

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